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27 June 2012
LOVE Frozen Yogurt Bar Boba Tea Smoothie

LOVE Frozen Yogurt Bar Boba Tea Smoothie

LOVE Frozen Yogurt Bar has officially become a full dessert bar — servicing frozen yogurt as well as freshly-brewed teas, coffees, and smoothies to “top your bottom!”

Originating from Taiwan, Boba drinks have become a huge craze around the world as a fresh new concept, and an alternative to traditional beverages. We have iced milk teas, refreshing juice teas, fruit slushies and smoothies. Each drink comes in a sealed cup and a big straw to drink your choice beverage along with “bottoms,” which are flavored treats, tapioca or poppers, that can be ordered in the bottom of each cup.

Q: How do I order a boba drink?

A: “Our drinks are made to order and depending on the type of drink you order you can choose up to 3 different flavors to create a custom drink. Also, your drink has several options of what we call bottoms, which are toppings for the bottom of your beverage.

Q: What’s the difference between a slushy and a smoothie?

A: “Slush and smoothies are both ice blended drinks. The slushy is icier, more like an icee or slurpee and the smoothie is like a milkshake.”

Q: What are poppers?

A: “Poppers are balls filled with fruit juices that gush when you bite into them. We have different flavored poppers.”

Q: What is boba?

A: “Boba is a tapioca ball that is chewy like a gummy bear and slightly sweetened. It’s a snack at the bottom of your drink.”

Q: What are the other add-ons for your bottoms?

A: “We have aloe vera, lychee jelly, rainbow jelly, and coffee jelly as our other add-ons!”

Q: What is a milk tea?

A: “Milk Tea is an iced drink that is a combination of milk and tea and whatever flavors you choose.”

Q: What is a refreshing green or black tea?

A: “A refreshing tea is green tea or black tea infused with your choice of flavors.”

Q: Are your drinks high on sugar?

A: “Our drinks are low in sugar compared to soft drinks but each drink will vary depending on your combination of flavors and the type of drink. Slush, Smoothies, and Milk Teas have an average of 88 grams of sugar per 8 oz serving. Our teas average about 28 grams of sugar per 8 oz.” If you would like us to hold the sugar for you, we can always do that!

Q: How much carbs are in a boba drink?

A: “Our boba drinks contain an average of 30 grams of carbohydrates per serving.”

Q: How many calories are in your drinks?

A: “Our boba drinks average around 120 calories per serving but varies on custom drinks.”

Q: What do you use in your smoothie? Do you use real fruits? Do you use yogurt?

A: “We use use a blend of delicious puree’s and concentrates for our fruit flavors and a special powder mix for our other flavors.”

Q: Do you have any non-dairy products?

A: “Our sorbet flavors are completely non-dairy. Our vanilla and chocolate are lactose free and non-dairy but they do contain sodium casein-ate, which is a milk derivative that may be unsafe for anyone who has a really sensitive milk allergy.”

Q: Do you have sugar free products? What is the sugar substitute in your yogurt?

A: “We try to carry at least one no-sugar-added product at all times. It contains sucralose as a sugar substitute and as a sweetener.”

Q: What kind of sugar do you use in your boba drinks?

A: “We use all natural sugar.”

Q: How much are your drinks?

A: “Our drinks start at $2.49 and go up to $3.49 for smoothies. Add-ons and extra mixes are added separately.”

Q: What size are your Boba drinks available in?

A: “We offer two sizes, a 16oz cup, and a 24 oz cup.”

Q: What are your popular Boba drinks?

A: “We have some photos on our FACEBOOK for inspiration!”

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